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Chili's first book!

"It's a beautiful day to play! I wonder who I will meet," and off jumps Chili the Dachshund out the door to a new adventure of discovery and friendship. Along the way he meets very curious creatures such as Lumpy the lizard and Tweet-Tweet the always cheerful bird. Chili's day isn't complete without a visit from a playful squirrel. "Uh oh," sighs Chili, "it's Squeaky the squirrel!"

The story touches on themes such as living in the moment, being inquisitive, good sportsmanship and always having a cheerful and grateful outlook on life! The tale bring positive and whimsical characters together making for an uplifting reading experience . Through Chili and his other pals, one is transported to a place of great, simple joy. Any young child, or even the young at heart will make friends with a lovable group of companions who know that "every day is a beautiful day!"

Chili the Dachshund

Chili's second book!

Now it's time for some fun-or is it? Chili the Dachshund sets off in his second book for a day of play, but finds instead an unexpected guest. Tweet-Tweet and Lumpy are excited by this cute new visitor, but Chili isn't so sure. Soon, trouble is brewing, and Chili is called on to save the day. But first, he must overcome his fears if he is going to help his friends! Join Chili and his pals in a rollicking adventure filled with courage and cheer as Chili discovers what friendship is truly about!

Chili the Dachshund
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