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Lumpy the Lizard

Chili the Dachshund

Lumpy the lizard loves to eat! When the sun rises over the hills, Lumpy wakes up and starts on his quest for food. He eats until his little belly is very full. After a nice nap in the warm sun, he is off again searching for a tasty morsel. At night he curls up on a soft green leaf and rests up for another day filled with adventure!

Tweet-Tweet the Bird

Chili the Dachshund

Tweet-Tweet the bird is always cheerful. Whether it is a nice sunny day or one filled with rain, Tweet-Tweet knows that both feel great on her beautiful feathers! She is up with the sun and can't wait to sing to all how great the day is going to be. Tweet-Tweet also loves baths. She can cool off and also make herself more pretty! 

Squeaky the Squirrel

Chili the Dachshund

Living in one of the trees is Squeaky the squirrel. He loves to play about and run around the yard. He is quite mischievous and seems to always get the best of Chili. Squeaky has a good heart and enjoys life. He can always be found munching on some tasty acorns!

Peeprs the Frog

Peepers is Chili's newest friend! This cute little frog enjoys swimming around in his beautiful, big pool. He loves making new friends and he loves to play! Peepers can get in quite a bit of trouble, so it's always best to be careful when with this sweet guy is looking for fun.

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