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Say "Hello!" to Chili the Dachshund

Chili the Dachshund

Chili the dachshund is a puppy that lives in a little yellow house at the bottom of a big hill. Each day for him is filled with wonder and adventure. The world outside is full of experiences and new freinds to meet. Sometimes, it's great just to sniff the air and feel the warm sun. The best time of day, though, is meal time. Chili can never get enough food!

Chili's best friend is Hedgy the hedgehog toy. They've been pals since Chili was born. The two like to spend lots of time playing around the house. Through thick and thin, Hedgy is always there for fun or even a cuddle!

Chili the Dachshund

Who is "Chili the Dachshund" for?

"Chili the Dachshund" is aimed at young readers (5-8) but can be enjoyed by all who love beautiful stories and illustrations with a sweet, simple message of cheer and friendship. Chili loves to make new friends and hopes you will join him on his many adventures!

Chili's first animated short!

Chili's new Book Trailer!

Chili makes a new friend!

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